CeriMED surface disinfectant wipes while traveling

Travel Safely During the Pandemic
Whether you are at home, in the office or travelling around, maintaining simple personal hygiene everywhere is the best way to not catch anything and stay healthy. One of the best ways to keep germs at bay is to carry your own disinfectants. CeriMED Surface wipes are a super handy way to wipe everything from your fingers and hands to anything you might come in contact with like door handles, luggage, and airplane seats.


Multipurpose Surface Wipes for for regular use:

Packed with WHO recommended Quaternary Ammonium compound formula, you get advanced sanitising with every wipe. 80 of these pre-soaked wipes make it easy to use in hospitals, dental offices, when visiting the vet or even for long term care of patients. With no alcohol or bleach they are moist yet non-greasy to use regularly. Safe to use around small children this is perfect for anyone who receives a lot of parcels everyday or deals with the outdoors in high traffic areas.